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FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is TimeStampServer API?

TimeStampServer API is the only REST API server endpoint you will ever need to timestamp your data processes.
It's fast, reliable and cheap!

How does it work?

Just copy a few lines of code 

and let your device send us HTTPS POST requests to notarize the desired data to the Blockchain.

After receiving your data request, what do you do?

We validate that the request comes from you,

we create a Bitcoin transaction that includes the data you want to notarize to the Blockchain,

we send it to the nodes network,

we receive confirmation from the nodes that the transaction is valid (so it will be included in the next block),

and we response to your device with a success message and the transaction identifier (txid).

How much time does it take from request to response?

Less than ONE SECOND from your request to our response.

How much load does the API support?

In July 2022 we performed a 5 requests per second stress test, and the API showed no bottlenecks.

How much does it cost?

Less than A CENT per data request, and much less if your devices send us a lot of data requests every day. The more requests, the cheapest the price! See our price list.

Do I submit the DATA or do I submit the HASH OF THE DATA?

The Bitcoin Blockchain in an immutable PUBLIC RECORD.

So any data submitted to the Blockchain will be public forever.

In most cases, especially for private or confidential data, you should not ever submit that data !!

Instead, only submit its HASH digest !!

If you want to notarize a big size digital document (like a picture or a video), the smatest way is to submit its HASH and its URL.

Can I have a different "API key" for each of my devices?

Yes, you can have as many API keys as you want. One for each device, or more. No cost at all.

What Blockchain will be my data be uploaded to?

Your data will be timestamped to the Bitcoin BSV Blockchain.

What does "BSV" mean?

BSV stands for "Bitcoin Satoshi Vision".

BSV is the one and only implementation of the original Bitcoin Protocol, which allows for unbounded scalability ("Bitcoin never really hits a scale ceiling", as Satoshi Nakamoto, inventor of Bitcoin, emailed to Mike Hearn in 2009).

Bitcoin, in its original design, is the first viable micro payment system created on planet Earth. That is, the first and only system that allows for zillions of fast, irreversible and extremely cheap transactions. These unique capabilities fit perfectly to timestamp your enterprise data.

And, now, TimeStampServer API makes this EASY for you!

Why BSV Blockchain?

Because BSV is the only Blockchain that SCALES.

BSV nodes network has ALREADY demonstrated a peak of 5,000 transactions per second, and a sustained rate of 50,000 transactions per second in testnet.

BSV nodes network will allow a sustained rate of more than 1 million transactions per second by 2023, and a sustained rate of more than 1 billion transactions per second by 2030.

BSV is not only environmentally friendly but, with the original Bitcoin Protocol, the Blockchain technology will be among the most positive technological advancements for the environment ever created. See "Green Bitcoin" reports from Unbounded Capital.

Why TimeStampServer.com?

We have years of experience in developing Blockchain projects:

The head of these projects is JaimeSV, Industrial Engineer, SAP Master and Blockchain Technology & Solutions expert.

Price list

No monthly plans


0  USD

testnet notarizations

  • 1,000 testnet notarizations (*)
  • Ideal to setup your devices and test our API
  • Unlimited Users
  • No expiration
10k notarizations (*)

99  USD

0.0099 USD/notarization (*)
0.99 cents/notarization  (*)

  • 10,000 notarizations (*)
  • ∞ testnet notarizations
  • Unlimited Users
  • No expiration
100k notarizations (*)

490  USD

0.0049 USD/notarization (*)
0.49 cents/notarization (*)

  • 100,000 notarizations (*)
  • ∞ testnet notarizations
  • Unlimited Users
  • No expiration
1M notarizations (*)

$2500  USD

0.0025 USD/notarization (*)
0.25 cents/notarization (*)

  • 1,000,000 notarizations (*)
  • ∞ testnet notarizations
  • Unlimited Users
  • No expiration

(*) notarization under 1kb (1,000 bytes)
Each kb counts as one notarization. For example:
A data chunk up to 999 bytes count as 1 notarization
A data chunk of 2999 bytes count as 3 notarizations

Prices plus 21% VAT

Prices may change without notice

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